The chef cooks with fire, the barista makes iced coffee with ice.
Ice is the soul of coffee.
Ice is good, the coffee must be good to drink and look good, and, the mood will be better.

Ice as one of the basic elements of an iced coffee or cocktail is very attractive to every guest. With this demand, restaurants and bars are working on techniques to make better ice.
Not only does ice cubes meet the basic function, it also needs to look and taste better, and it brings magic to the drink.

Good restaurants and bars have moved quickly to develop ice cubes that are completely odorless and as clear as diamonds. Such ice exudes a different kind of charm in the drink and makes a big impression.
Clear ice is more than just aesthetic value. It melts more slowly in the drink, giving it a better cooling effect and taste.

How to make good ice?

Whether it is the traditional refrigerator ice making or modern ice making machine.

Step 1: How to handle the water.

Traditional methods treat the water by boiling it, while modern times use more filtering devices such as water purifiers.
Simply filter or boil the water to get soft water suitable for making ice cubes.

Before you start making ice cubes, you need to know how good ice cubes are formed.

  • Water should be filtered or boiled soft water
  • Water needs to condense in the same direction.
  • The water should freeze slowly and can push the air out of the ice cubes completely.

Step 2: Practice Directional Freezing

The part that leans out is cooled down in the cold air of the freezer. As the water freezes, it pushes any impurities into the resting part of the water - the unfrozen part. This means that any turbidity is concentrated in the center, the last part you want to freeze when making traditional ice cubes.

-Slow Freezing

The slower the ice freezes, the more completely the air bubbles and impurities inside the water will escape into the air, which is the lazy person's method of targeted freezing. Simply fill the mold with your prepared soft water and place it in the freezer, which will be set to the highest possible ambient temperature setting - about 30 degrees. It takes about 12 hours to freeze ice cubes in this manner, which will make this ice making time longer if your freezer is full of food and other items, but the final output is still relatively good.

-Salt Water Freezing

This directional freezing method forms ice cubes from the bottom up and is a good option for some small space freezers. Fill a baking dish with tap water and stir in half a cup of salt. This will lower the freezing temperature of the water and allow it to cool. Place the baking dish in the refrigerator for a few hours. Next pour the prepared water into the mold, then place the mold in the very cold brine baking dish and it will float. Keep them all in the refrigerator until your ice cubes solidify. In this case, impurities will be removed from the ice as the water freezes.

This way you get some ideal ice cubes.

Of course these methods will take almost hours of your time. And almost always you need to wait more than 12 hours.
And after the ice is made, if it is not used in the first place, then the ice will take up a long time in your refrigerator, which is unacceptable for every family.

That's why I recommend using a modern method of ice making - an ice machine.

Ice Makers Countertop

You can get the ideal type of ice you want in almost ten minutes or so, and you can control the amount of ice you make very well. You just add your soft water to the ice maker, plug it in, press the on button, and then you can wander around your garden with your friends, and when you come back to your kitchen again, the ice maker will have made the ice you need. You can enjoy an ice drink with your friends.

Moreover, ice made in an ice machine is usually clearer and more beautiful, and the water starts to freeze in layers from the inside to expel all the air and impurities. This is how ice comes out of an ice machine.

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