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Ice Makers Countertop丨FOOING

Ice Makers Countertop丨FOOING

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About this item

  • 【New Upgrated Ice Maker Machine】 With a new upgrated compressor, FOOING ice makers countertop prime clearance can produce 9 pcs ice cubes in 7 minutes, 26 lbs of ice per day. Our ice machine provides 5 pcs ice bags, a ice scoop and a removable ice basket in the package, which help you transfer and store the fresh ice cubes to the fridge easily in a clean, safe and healthy condition! Besides, it comes with a hook to hang the ice scoop, very convenient to use.
  • 【Auto Self-Cleaning】 Our counter top ice maker machine features an auto self-cleaning mode that helps you to clean the machine inside easily before use. All you have to do is adding some water to the ice machine countertop, and start the self-cleaning function by long pressing the ON/OFF button. It will automatically clean the machine inside areas that you can’t reach, making sure you get the cleanest and freshest ice cubes.
  • 【2 Sizes of Ice Cube Selectable】 This ice maker machine for countertop offers two ice size options, allowing you to choose a suitable cube for your favorite drinks. The large ice is great for filling in a cooler, while the small cubes can be easily broken up by a blender, suitable for making smoothies or other frozen drinks.
  • 【Intelligent Control Panel】 FOOING counter ice maker machine is lower than 45dB, means your entertainment won't be disturbed. With an easy-to-use control panel, you can also track its ice-making production through the translucent window. The portable ice maker countertop top rated prime will also remind you to take out the ice cubes when the basket is full with ICE FULL indicator and inform you to add the water with ADD WATER lights on when the ice maker lacks of water.
  • 【1 Year Warranty for Ice Makers countertop】 FOOING offers a 12-month warranty and lifetime support for tabletop ice maker machine. Customer satisfaction is our first consideration. Moreover, the well-designed package of sonic ice maker can be the choice of gift for others.Each nugget ice maker is equipped with an ice basket and an ice shovel. Make sure that these accessories are present when you receive the goods, and if there are any missing, please contact us.

Technical Details

Product Description

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  • Sleek Performance-Oriented Design: The counter top ice maker machine adopts a compact design makes it perfect for your kitchen counters or tabletops, offers enough crystal pellet ice cubes for your guests to enjoy chilled wine, whisky, beer, juice, soda, and more.

  •  Quick Ice-Making: Built-in a powerful compressor, ice-making very efficient and quick, electric ice maker can produce 9 chewable ice cubes in 6-8 minutes. Able to make up to 26 lbs. in 24 hours of crunchy ice cubes per day, you'll never have to deal with pesky ice trays ever again.

  •  Exhaust Cooling Function: Our ice machine maker countertop has an exhaust heat cooling system, which can help the mini portable ice maker countertop cool quickly, releasing heat into the air. It keeps the entire ice making process safer and more efficient, ensure that the counter ice maker machine produces the highest quality pellet ice cubes.

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FOOING's portable ice maker machine was created to bring convenience to your home or your next outdoor event. With our energy-efficient countertop ice cube maker, you get a fast and practical solution to all your cold drink needs that won’t disrupt the rest of your activities. No more having trips to the grocery store or hassling with ice trays!

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Technical Features & Troubleshooting Notes

Rated Power


Voltage/ Frequency

120V AC 60HZ


Make up to 26 lbs bullet ice cubes in 24 hours

Water Tank Capacity

2 liter water reservoir

Ice Basket Capacity

1.5 pounds

Troubleshooting Note

The ice cube is not clear enough. (1)Ensure using filtered water, the ice will come out cleaner and be healthier to drink. Without it, the pebble ice cubes come out soft and clouded from the mineral build up. (2)Ensure keeping countertop ice machine maker clean. This will prevent any buildup of grime or minerals that could cloud up or soften the ice cubes the ice machines produce.

Troubleshooting Note

Unit work but no ice cube (1)In the high temperature season, please make sure the ambient temperature is good. Close the lid when making ice will maintain the temperature better. (2) Use cool water

Troubleshooting Note

This counter top ice maker doesn’t seem to be frozen enough (1)Please keep in mind that portable ice makers countertop are not freezers. (2)This type of crushed ice maker is not designed to keep its creation frozen for long periods of time. Once the ice has been moved to the basket, it is no longer being kept completely frozen and will start to soften and melt. If you wanna store clear ice cubes, you can remove them to the freezer with ice bags.

FOOING ice makers countertop hzb-12b-s, Self-Cleaning Function, 26lbs 24Hrs, 9 Cubes Ready in 7mins with LED Display for Parties Mixed, Portable Ice Cube Maker with Ice Bags and Ice Scoop Basket


Package includes:

1x Ice Makers Countertop

1x Ice Basket

1x Ice Scoop

1x Manual


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