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  • Bullet-shaped Ice Cubes

    pure copper evaporator columns with nickel plated surface. The sleek, bullet-shaped ice cubes and cube ice don't melt or stick easily. Perfect for bars, coffee shops, family gatherings. Also the perfect gift for a friend who loves a cold drinks and cocktails.

  • Advanced Infrared Sensor

    Worry about ice cube spilled out if you forget your countertop ice maker machine is working ? With advanced Infrared Sensor Technology, "ICE FULL" indicator and "Add Water" indicator light will turn on once the ice basket if full or lack of water.

  • Self-Cleaning Function

    Our portable ice maker has self-cleaning function, which makes the cleaning progress much easier. Press ON/OFF button for 5 seconds to activate the automatic cleaning mode, "S / L" indicator will flash back and forth during self cleaning progress.

  • Large Viewing Window

    This ice maker for countertop has a large translucent window, which allows you to clearly see the ice-making process inside the crushed ice maker without opening the lid, keeping ice cubes from melting during the ice making progress.

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Fooing is an eco-friendly brand that specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality smart ice maker and other appliances, and is one of the top merchants of ice maker products!