3D Hologram Fan

A Perfect Solution to Present Your Product Effectively While Catching Your Audience’s Attention

3D Hologram Fan
  • High Profile Configuration

    512pcs LEDs, Pre-built with Android OS. Comes with WiFi and Bluetooth (audio-support) Features.

  • FOOING Cloud System

    FOOING Cloud enables you to control your 3D hologram Fan via the cloud, and makes everything just simpler and more convenient.

  • Acrylic Cover

    Comes with a Acrylic Cover, ends up with features of safety, dustproof, and waterproof.

  • Four-axil Design

    Four-axil design (4 blades) minimizes the ring grain effect and vibration

3D Hologram Fan Display

The FOOING 3D Hologram Fan is the first smart Android-Powered holographic display in the market.

Effect Pictures of 3D Holographic Display

3D Hologram Fan

This new and innovative visual technology creates a way to
present your product effectively while catching audience’s attention.

3D Hologram Fan

Stand Out Your Products

  • Holiday Vibe

    Get one of the 3D Hologram Fan Display in front of your store. If this can not catch your audience's eyes, what else can?

  • Time Display

    Time displayed in the night via 3D holographic way. How cool is that?

  • 3D Holographic Display

    Headset Displayed by 3D Holographic Projector. Visually Breathtaking.

  • Visually Impress Your Audience

    Show your product's inside instructure, and free your from explaining it over and over again. How efficient!


FOOING Fan Wall is a combination of multiple Solo devices, which brings a larger image display.

Just as an old saying states, the bigger, the better.