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Automatic Self-Cleaning Ice Maker Machine Countertop丨FOOING

Automatic Self-Cleaning Ice Maker Machine Countertop丨FOOING

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About this item

Efficient Ice Maker】Ice cube maker can make thicker or thinner cubes simply by pressing the “–“ and “+” buttons for different thicknesses of ice. It makes 24 cubes per cycle, and each cycle takes 12 to 18 minutes, but freezing time can be adjusted using the timer if desired. This can make up to 40 pounds of ice per day, so it can keep up with a family’s ice needs all day as it continuously churns out new ice.

Automatic Cleaning Function】- Long Press "TIME" button for more than 5-8 seconds to enter the automatic cleaning function. There are indicators that show automatic cleaning function works. (Please clean your ice machine regularly).

Water Recycling System】Ice maker features sensors and indicators that show when the ice basket is full and when the water reservoir is empty, and it automatically stops making ice when the basket is full. Ice that is unused and melts goes through a filter for better-tasting ice before it returns to the reservoir and is used to make new ice.

Quiet Cooling】Ice makers countertop are equipped with a quick and quiet cooling system. Not only it helps you save energy, but also keeps ice cube machine cool and ensures a quiet environment. It runs at less than 45dB which means your entertainment will not be disturbed.

1 Year for FOOING Ice Maker】FOOING offers 1-year policy for safe and portable ice machine. Made of food-grade material, just for your health and safety, no odor. The stainless steel exterior is sleek and modern, so it won't be an eyesore on your kitchen countertop.

Technical Details

Product Description

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With our ice makers countertop ice can be made rapidly in as little as 13 minutes. This is an amazing feat of engineering since ice usually takes over two hours to be made in a typical fridge freezer. Ice machine is designed to make ice quickly for immediate use and not for ice storage or for keeping ice frozen. The ice cycle process creates the ice and when it melts, recycles the water to make more ice, you no longer have to worry about running out of ice cubes!


Advanced Cooling Technology - Equipped with fast cooling and powerful compressor system, countertop ice maker machine can provide you crunchy chewable ice all year round!

ICE FULL & ADD WATER Indicator - Equipped with a pressure sensor, portable ice maker will alarm you for refilling when water runs out. Once the ice basket is fully loaded, crushed ice maker will go into standby mode.

Portable Design - Easily move your sonic ice maker as needed, thanks to portable, compact countertop design that plugs into any electrical outlet


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Technical Features & Troubleshooting Notes

Rated Power


Voltage/ Frequency

120V AC 60HZ


Make up to 40 lbs square ice cubes in 24 hours

Main Material

SUS 430 Stainless Steel + PP

Extra Large Ice Bin

2. 4 pounds/ 120 pcs

Water Tank Capacity

2.2-liter water reservoir

Automatic Cleaning

Press "TIMER" button for more than 5 seconds to enter the self cleaning function.

Troubleshooting Note

Unit work but no ice cube (1)In the high temperature season, please make sure the ambient temperature is good. Close the lid when making ice will maintain the temperature better. (2) Use cool water

Troubleshooting Note

Difficult to separate the ice. (1) Press "-" button to reduce the time of ice making(Reduce to "0" or "-6").

Troubleshooting Note

Portable ice makers have insulated ice compartments,they are designed to slow down the melting process, but not entirely stop the melting process. If you want to keep all ice made from ever melting, you would need to move the ice from the opal ice maker to your freezer.

Fooing Automatic Self-Cleaning Ice Maker Machine Countertop HZB-18F-SL, 40Lbs/24H, 24pcs in 13 Mins, Portable Compact Ice Maker with Ice Scoop& Basket, Stainless Steel, Perfect for Home/Kitchen/Office/Bar

Package includes:

1x Ice Makers Countertop

1x Ice Basket

1x Ice Scoop

1x Manual

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