FOOING Fan Wall is a combination of multiple Solo devices, which brings a larger image display.

In this increasingly fast world, everyone's time is valuable. You are not supposed to take others time for granted. So, customers' first impression on your products or brand is vitally important. The best way to outstand your products or brand is to display them as larger as possible. Just as an old saying states, the bigger, the better.

  • The available size (combination):
  • 2*3 (6 units)
  • 3*3 (9 units)
  • 3*4 (12 units)
  • custom unit configurations

Package includes:

  • FOOING 3D Hologram Fan: 6/9/12 or custom unit configurations of FOOING Solo merged to form FOOING Fan Wall
  • Wall Frame: allows for the Solo devices into a Wall
  • Router: Designed to control Wall & manage their media content displayed.
  • Wires: network wiring used in Wall installations to perfect device synchronization

FOOING Wall also comes complete with a 12-month warranty.


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